An end-to-end eCommerce platform

In the digital world, customers adopt new solutions at an incredible pace. In fact, this is the underlying catalyst in driving their high expectations in a digitally influenced shopping experience.

Besides immediate brand engagement, shoppers expect a seamless, linear path to purchase from exploration and browsing through purchase and procurement — regardless of the sequence of channels used from start to finish. As customers change so do their business practices, now even business to business (B2B) companies are held to the same standard

B2B Companies are feeling the pressure as their existing platforms struggle to support these solutions. At Ogg we’re firm believers of ongoing support and an end-to-end platform, that’s why we’ve thrown our weight behind BigCommerce.

What BigCommerce Provides

One of the beauties of the SaaS model is that the software is kept up to date with the latest features, functions and best practices. Cloud commerce providers roll out updates on a regular basis (as often as monthly, in Oracle’s case).

This means that the latest technologies become available to subscribers on a regular basis.

Here are three key features BigCommerce provides  

Ongoing support – BigCommerce provides ongoing support, regardless of where you are in the integration process. You should always feel comfortable reaching out to your provider.

Visibility – You’ll get a complete set of management and purchasing features to help streamline your website. On top of this, you’ll also have a real-time view of performance metrics and you’ll be able to access leading SEO tools.

End-to-end process – The platform integrates seamlessly with your sales, finance, and fulfilment operations to eliminate any bottlenecks. This streamlines the entire order and sales process, meaning you can get more done in less time.

How we Approach The Task

We have a project management and change methodology that works, but we recognise, that you also have a business to run – so the approach is flexible and tailored to you. And we don’t muck around. When both of our teams are humming, we can do full ERP implementations in 90 days.

Why You Should Move To The Cloud


Ongoing Support




Up-To-Date Features


No Hidden Costs

Why we work with BigCommerce

Regardless of your current state, BigCommerce allows users to create a robust, differentiated offering without compromising security, stability, or scalability. Through open-platform flexibility and extensibility, supported by extensive specialised services, BigCommerce empowers users to rise above complexity – and ultimately focus on optimising your business for growth.


BigCommerce has an extremely high service level commitment. It guarantees ongoing support and reliable uptime.

Passionate People

Across our team, we’re certified BigCommerce Consultants. We stay certified, so you don’t have to.

Our Skills

  • Complete Cloud Migration 99
  • Web Design90
  • Custom Integrations95
  • eCommerce System Evaluation 98